Why We Love Working at Desmone

Why We Love Working at Desmone

Here at Desmone Architects, we value the talent that we’ve assembled. We wouldn’t be able to offer our clients the service we are so proud of without the architects, designers, and other professionals who work here. So we strive to make Desmone the kind of place where these knowledgeable individuals truly love to work.

We spoke with Architect Melanie Panutsos, Assistant Project Designers Ryan Croyle, Meghann Gregory, and Jared Korchok, Director of Marketing Andrew Opalinski, Director of Business Development Jim Ambrose, and Office Manager Katie Senko about their experiences working at Desmone, some of what they’ve done here, and just what makes it such a great place to work.

Always Learning

Many on our team came to Desmone fresh from university, ready to put our training into practice. But there’s always more to learn, and no better place to do it. “I’m someone that learns by doing,” says Ryan Croyle, “and at Desmone, we DO a lot.” Croyle first became aware of Desmone at a career fair at Kent State University. “I actually didn’t even have Desmone on my radar that day, but it ended up being one of my most engaging stops at the whole fair.”

Melanie Panutsos also came to Desmone right out of college. “I put a lot of stock in Desmone being named one of the Best Places to Work, and I loved the young and seemingly casual atmosphere of the firm. Desmone seemed to be close to the total package that matched my interests, needs, and ambitions.”

Jared Korchok, who interned with Desmone while earning his B. Arch. degree at Penn State, sees Desmone as being as much a part of his education as his formal coursework. “I’ve discovered how important practical design experience is when developing as a young architect. There is only so much that academia can teach one about the profession. It seems like every project is a new learning experience, and that growth in knowledge is very exciting.”

Dedicated to Improving

At Desmone, we are constantly striving to improve the quality of service we provide, and the best way to do that is to always be improving ourselves. Jim Ambrose came to Desmone from a technology startup ready to mesh his business experience and training in architecture into a stronger whole. He knew immediately that this was a place where he could grow. “Everyone buys into the notion that we can always be better, and improve ourselves.” And not just ourselves. “I learned that this is the firm that is going to redefine the AEC industry.  I have never met a more passionate and dedicated group of people who operate under the same global mission of improving the world around them.”

Meghann Gregory believes that working at Desmone is the best way to invest her time and energy. “Throughout my career, I have learned that you only get out what you put in. I am excited to know that I now work for a company that is dedicated to hard work, encouragement, and will never pass up the opportunity to have a good time.”

This environment of learning and improvement makes for a workplace that is productive, innovative, and fun. Katie Senko believes it is one of a kind. “There aren’t many people in the world who can say with absolute sincerity that they like their job.  However, I think at Desmone most (if not all of us) do.  Being in an environment where everyone wants to be here makes work fun.  There is an energy here that can’t be beat.”

Andrew Opalinski came to Desmone 18 months ago from technology driven industries outside of AEC.  “I saw an opportunity to challenge the status quo in an industry that is constantly playing catch up to marketing evolution.  I am amazed at the technology and problem solving capabilities here.  There is so much untapped marketing opportunity to spread thought leadership.”

We love what we do at Desmone, and we strive to bring that joy and passion to all of our projects. If you’d like to learn more about our work, subscribe to our newsletter below.