Think You Know Architects? Think Again.

Challenging conventions is a key facet of innovative architecture and design. In fact, challenging any kind of convention will serve you well in work and in life.

Which brings us to the architecture profession in general. When you think of architects, what are the first things that come to mind. George Costanza’s alter-ego on Seinfeld? Pretentiousness? They’re expensive to hire?

Here are some common misconceptions about architects that we’d like to square away:


They’re All the Same

Not all architects do the same job or have the same areas of expertise. (Just ask Gerrod!) Any design task can have numerous roles and variables, and each architect on our team brings a special combination of experience, engineering expertise, and creativity to a project. Sure, most architects have the same basic educational background, but every architect has his or her own ideas, process, and design aesthetic.

They’re Too Expensive

Perhaps the most pervasive myth about architects is that their services are unaffordable. But next time you’re walking or driving around any city, take a look around and realize that almost every structure that you see involved the work of an architect, planner, or designer in one way or another. Strategic design and planning is an essential component to any built project.

Also note that you don’t need to be rich to afford an architect: Tract housing, affordable housing units, and even mobile homes require conscientious design in order to maximize the investment value.

Architects Just “Draw”

As a firm with a talented team of architects with engineering backgrounds, we’d be remiss not to mention the misconception that architects are little more than artists. This misconception likely comes from the “old school” of architecture, in which “idea architects” would simply develop an image of a project and task others with development and the build. However, a full-service architecture firm like Desmone understand the art and engineering of any project. A successful build requires both an inspired concept and the logistics know how to make it happen.

It’s Time-Consuming

Many businesses assume that working with an architect requires years of planning before construction can begin. But just like businesses, a full-service architecture firm functions around the idea that time is money. In fact, often times, working with an architect can help accelerate the process of bidding, permitting, and breaking ground. Architects are trained in expediting projects of all types, sometimes simultaneously working on the design and construction aspects of a project.