End of Year Review

2022 Recap.

Over this past year, Desmone has experienced great growth and change. By doing things out of the ordinary we’ve created high impact projects that otherwise would have been left unrealized. This has successfully pushed the limit to what architecture firms are capable of, and we aim to continue pursing projects like this. In response to the market, we’ve taken on multiple multifamily projects. Majority to be completed in 2023 – 2024. Internally, we have added new studios to streamline processes and target specific markets and projects where we can excel.

We’re excited for the New Year and all the challenges and successes it will bring. Our commitment to the communities we work in is to continue delivering the highest quality work possible with wellness and people at the center of our design.


Wild and Wonderful – West Virginia.

In West Virginia both the commercial and residential markets are thriving. Our Morgantown office has started to expand into the healthcare market through projects with WVU Medicine. We have not been present in this market before, so it’s exciting to have opportunities like this starting to become common.


Residential Market.

The single family residential studio continues to design stunning homes of all styles; from log cabins, to traditional, and contemporary. They’re always seeking to create the perfect home for our clients.

Believe in Cleveland.

We have expanded into Cleveland this year, which is a part of our larger goal to bring Desmone to the state of Ohio. We have multiple development projects throughout the Northeast Ohio neighborhoods that we’re excited to see progress; 20 Federal Place, Old Brooklyn, BRITE Energy Incubators. We are actively searching for new team members who are interested in transforming Ohio’s ever-growing market and carrying on the Desmone legacy.

What to look for in 2023.

We’ve wrapped up many impactful projects throughout the year of all different types and scales. It’s always rewarding to see the projects we have spent countless hours on become a reality and now thriving. From the large to small projects, we’re appreciative of all we have been a part of, and especially the connections we’ve built while working on them.

2022 produced some amazing projects, and we have even more that are continuing into the New Year…

Work in progress.

Bringing your vision to life.