Employee Highlight

Moving Up.

We’re excited to showcase our employees who have been promoted during the year. Their hard work has not gone unnoticed, and we’re so thankful for what they have done and what they continue to do for the firm. Congratulations to all the individuals listed below:

Stuart Coppedge – Studio Leader
Katie Conway – Studio Leader
Aaron Kulik – Studio Leader
Angela Baehr – Senior Architect
Tom Frank – Regional Growth Manager – Pittsburgh
Jake Heaton – Designer II – Architecture
Travis Howard – Designer II – Architecture
Brittany Craig – Designer II – Interiors
Kelsey Lewis – Designer II – Interiors
Ingrid LaMay – Designer II – Interiors



Desmone is growing!

Desmone has expanded over this year and we are so pleased to have welcomed our excellent new hires. They’ve all been an asset to the team and their dedication and effort put towards designing engaging and beautiful spaces is appreciated.

Brian Gruendl – Architect I
Cathleen Matuzak – Designer II – Architecture
Amber Koriath – Regional Growth Manager – Cleveland
Katie Conway – Senior Designer – Interiors
Courtney Schnitzer – Designer I – Interiors
Brittany Craig – Designer II – Interiors
Mitchell Ford – Designer I – Architecture
Courtney Singley – Designer I – Architecture
Emma Coffman – Designer I – Architecture
Stephanie Coppedge – Administrative Assistant