How to Embrace the Pantone Colors of the Year

How TO Embrace the Pantone Colors of the Year

So Pantone did something different this year. Instead of choosing the color of the year they selected two colors to embrace for 2016: Rose Quartz and Serenity. When I saw the trending Pantone colors I thought “My ballet slipper pink paint is finally an acceptable color to use on walls for people older than 6 years old”. I wanted to see how others were using these colors in spaces so went to Google for inspiration. What I found were picture perfect images of interiors using the pink and blue hues that I absolutely loved, but immediately thought, “is this realistic and practical?”  The answer: nope.

The juxtaposition between black and white with the pop of color is beautiful, but is the everyday person going to go out and purchase a pink sofa? Probably not. So I found ways that I believe allow you to style your interiors using these trending colors in a way that won’t feel trending or dated.

Paint a wall – but don’t overdo it. Make it an accent wall or paint a small space where the color won’t be overpowering; such as a powder room, office, or entry way. If you want something to feel special you don’t want to put it everywhere.  Less is more. Using the color in moderation creates an eye catching “pop” to your space.

Buy an accent piece – but make it a statement piece. A simple chair in the pink or blue hue gives that “pop” of color without being over the top. Look for simple lines in the accent piece you choose that complement the annual color of the year to create ease to the eye.

Pantone Colors

Another option: Mix the colors with natural materials – but be cautious of the tones.  The pastel colors of Rose Quartz and Serenity compliment wood tones, white marble, and mixed metals – chrome, brass, rose gold.  The subtle contrast between these hues create a sense of balance and warmth.

My favorite colors are ones that add coziness to a space without force.  The dusky shade of Serenity and the serene hue of Rose Quartz add plenty of aesthetic interest, but have a neutral composition that just. work. together.

Pantone colors have been around for-ev-er (actually only the 1950’s). They know what they’re doing when it comes to color, but leave it to me to help you apply it to your space. And I’m not kidding about the ballet slipper pink paint – it’s in my walk-in closet at home.

– Lori Kreke, NCIDQ, LEED Green Associate

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About the author: Lori is a LEED Green Associate and is NCIDQ certified. Her project portfolio expands many areas of interior design including multifamily housing, corporate, higher education, hospitality, and retail. Lori’s academic and professional pursuits emphasize the history and theory of design, building and computer technologies, and sustainable design.