Designer Spotlight: Prerana Paliwal

Desmone is proud to highlight Prerana Paliwal’s work on the Minority Architects of Pittsburgh Scholarship Advisory Committee. Prerana, one of our designers, is a founding member of MAPS and is heavily involved with its day-to-day. The MAPS Scholarship is an award of financial aid for a high school student, college student, or professional in the Pittsburgh region to be used for educational advancement for minority designers and communities in transition. The scholarship is a new and exciting opportunity, empowering people experiencing economic disadvantage to diversify and strengthen Pittsburgh’s Architectural community.


The MAPS Advisory Committee on which Prerana serves is a volunteer-based 6-person team that runs the scholarship. MAPS is grateful for its partnership with Pittsburgh’s leading architectural organizations, which provide structure and support for Pittsburgh architects: NOMA Pittsburgh and AIA Pittsburgh & Pittsburgh Architecture Foundation. Prerana is deeply committed to this work as it reflects something she has a passion for unique and relatable environments built from diverse perspectives. In Prerana’s words,

The opportunity to create a network of diverse architects who empower each other & the privilege to celebrate the resilience & tenacity of our awardees to overcome hurdles and achieve their dreams is extremely inspiring.

The scholarship’s second round of awardees were announced in the spring. This scholarship is unique because it is open twice per year, in the fall and the spring. Two rounds of applications allow more BIPOC and minority designers to receive financial aid, build essential connections, and find a place in a majority-occupied profession.


MAPS is funded by working professionals and leaders in the local Pittsburgh region who want to see a more diverse architectural community enriched by unique perspectives.

Individuals and organizations can support MAPS by providing financial support or donating time through the link below – Donate here. Monetary donations are tax-deductible.