Carrick Dairy District Project Wins 2016 SEED Award

Carrick Dairy District Wins 2016 SEED Award

The SEED Awards recognizes designs that address the critical social, economic, and environmental issues in the world. Winners were selected based on the following criteria: Effectiveness, Excellence, Inclusiveness, Impactful, Systemic, and Participatory.  Carrick Dairy District was recognized as an Honorable Mention in this years award program.

Economic Development South together with the Carrick Community Council approached Desmone Architects in early 2013 to provide a neighborhood planning concept for the Carrick community. This was to include schematic design and architectural drawings for existing building reuse, possible new office construction for Colteryahn Dairy and any new development that the concept brought to the neighborhood. The master plan calls for the integration of commercial and residential scale in an effort to attract residents and
visitors to Carrick and to provide a more distinct “Dairy District”. Artwork, green space and glass walls will enhance the communication and relationship between businesses and the neighborhood helping to unify the Dairy District and community at large.

Carrick Dairy District

The projects will be presented by team members at the sixteenth annual Structures for Inclusion (SFI) conference, sponsored by Autodesk Foundation, and hosted by NC State University on March 19 and 20, 2016 in Raleigh, NC. From its inception in 2000, the goals of SFI have been to showcase design efforts that serve a diverse clientele by presenting inspiring projects, pathways to pursue alternative community-based work, and evidence of the positive impact of this work. (From: