Warren Blackmon


Hired as an intern as part of Carnegie Mellon University’s UDREAM fellowship focusing on urban design and on bringing minority architects to Pittsburgh, Warren was offered a full-time position at Desmone upon completion of this program.  A 2016 honors graduate who received his Master of Architecture degree from Hampton University in Hampton, Virginia, he provides technical support on the nuts-and-bolts details and “fundamental parts of architecture that provide the necessary hands-on learning towards licensure,” he says.  His current projects include South Hills Village Apartments, a 4-building multistory complex in Bethel Park, PA.

“Ever since I was little I wanted to know the intricacy behind how things worked,” and how to put things together in different ways with the same result. While being inspired by the problem-solving aspects of architecture and “watching everything come together” both in process and end product, he also finds great satisfaction in “translating the client’s needs into something beautiful.”

In his free time, he enjoys power lifting (“There is nothing like moving weight to get you into a meditative state of mind”), playing video games, reading, watching movies and listening to music. Along with reducing stress, “each of these allows me to view a different version of reality through another person’s eyes.”