Troy Barney


Troy Barney was originally an intern who joined us in the fall of 2013. He is now a full-time Designer. Troy was enrolled in the Carnegie Mellon University UDREAM Fellowship, and obtained his Masters in Architecture from Hampton University in Virginia. While in college, Troy studied abroad in France and was also an ICAA (Institute of Art & Architecture) Ray Gindroz Scholar.

Troy has known from a young age that he was interested in architecture. He says, “I’ve always enjoyed the freedom of expression involved when creating something that came from your imagination. During Art classes in middle school I always found myself drawing scenery and buildings as oppose to people. That led me to want to learn more about what I was drawing.” Even now the design process is Troy’s favorite aspect of the profession. “I’ve always enjoyed designing and problem solving, and to me buildings, because they affect are surroundings, and acquire a vast array of skills, are the most fun and intense things to design.”

Troy assists project managers with all stages of design. In his own words Troy says, “it’s my job to learn on the fly and assist project managers with the tasks assigned to me in a proficient manner.” When not working Troy is involved in a multitude of organizations including the Green Building Alliance, the Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh, the Larimer Consensus Group and Habitat for Humanity. His interests also expand to water coloring, running, climbing and canoeing. He says, “I love any outdoor activity, and Pittsburgh offers a multitude of them. Running through Schenley and Frick Park and watching the seasons change has been surreal.”