Travis Kreidler

Vice President

Travis Kreidler has been with Desmone since early 2006. Travis is responsible for managing a large range of projects from proposal through completion. As a Vice President he is responsible for maintaining existing client relations as well as developing new relationships and opportunities.

Travis earned his Bachelor of Architecture at the University of Philadelphia. He says, “My schooling went well beyond academics. I tried to immerse myself in the urban experience. It was a cultural and social awakening for me, that has opened me to view issues with a diverse perspective. Oh, and I learned about architecture too!” Having many people in his family in the construction industry, Travis knew from a young age that he wanted to someday be an architect. “I also have always viewed architecture as an honest and noble way to make a living,” he says.

When not working, Travis keeps busy with projects at home. “Although I am an architect and spend most of my time designing and drawing, I still love to get my hands dirty and build things. I am on my third fixer-upper house and do anything from foundation water proofing to custom built-in wardrobes.” One of Travis’ recent projects was a garden shed at his home to store lawn equipment and tools. “A large portion of the materials used to construct the building were reclaimed. Although my neighbors initially questioned why I didn’t buy a pre-built shed from Lowe’s, the shed became the talk of the neighborhood when finished.”