Originally from Mendoza, Argentina, Senior Project Designer Nancy Policicchio has been part of the Desmone family for many years. She originally started working for our firm in early 2001, and returned again in May of 2007. Nancy graduated from the University of Mendoza with a bachelor’s degree in Architecture and Urbanism, she then went on to complete her masters in Residential Design in 2004 at the University of Buenos Aires.

Becoming an architect was never a question for Nancy, “it wasn’t a choice I had to make, I always knew that I wanted to design spaces,” she says. Nancy is our firm’s go-to for residential projects. She takes on various projects of all sizes and scopes from small interior renovations to new construction of large-scale, high-end homes to condominiums and multi-family housing. Of her projects Nancy says, “I particularly enjoy the difficult projects, the type where you don’t see the solution right away and it demands more from you. Completing these projects give me a sense of accomplishment that doesn’t compare to anything else.”

Nancy is a member of the Carnegie Museums and an associate member of the Pittsburgh chapter of the AIA. When not working on an architectural project, Nancy is taking on another project of her own. “I always have something in the works,” she says, “my projects vary from card making to scrapbooking to making an art piece.” Like many in the firm, Nancy likes working near town, but even more, she enjoys our work environment, saying “I think we work in the coolest building in Lawrenceville!”