Meghann Gregory


With separate degrees in Civil Engineering and Architecture and with a Master’s in Architecture, Meghann Gregory has found Desmone to be an excellent fit for varied skill set and an “inspirational atmosphere for young professionals to thrive” in pursuing her architecture license.  She is deeply entrenched in Building Information Modeling (BIM) which also includes creation of drawings and renderings, as well as specification writing and project management.  Her areas of interest include adaptive reuse and urban planning, especially within underserved small towns.  “Being from a small town myself, effective property reuse is extremely important to me,” she adds.

Since coming to Desmone in 2016, she has primarily worked on the LindenPointe eMerging Business Center, an approximately 13,000 sq. ft. single-story office lease space designed for light industry  and Coover Hall, the applied engineering and technology building at the  California University of Pennsylvania.“I really enjoy being on-site throughout the project, especially during the construction administration phase.  Witnessing the model and drawings come to life is how you learn even more about the lines you put on paper.” Becoming a designer has been a lifelong pursuit, starting in childhood when she drew house plans from graph paper brought home by her estimator father. She enjoys travelling, singing, acting, baking, and photography and visiting seaside towns, not only to see various structures but also “for deep sea fishing and, if warm enough, snorkeling.”