Mark Tennant

Senior Designer

With extensive experience in working with small groups of designers, artisans and builders to construct holistic environments that not only remain current but also sustainable, Mark Tennant shepherds projects from conception through fruition. Recent builds have included the Forbes Ave. Apartments: “We assisted our clients through the city permit process then used design + build logic with the construction company to balance their design expectations with the budget,” he observes. He has helped private clients build their dream homes as well. “In one instance it was creating an heirloom quality home, while in another we opened up an existing home to create better spaces to meet their entertainment needs.”

With Master’s of Architecture from Virginia Tech, Mark is especially enthusiastic about “the process of craft and bringing a design to life” and the fact that a solid design will pass the test of time and enhance the overall environment.  “I am inspired by beauty and quality and enjoy fabricating beautiful objects in my spare time.”