Luke Desmone


Charles L. “Luke” Desmone is the Founding Partner of Desmone Architects. He began the firm when he joined his uncle, John Desmone, in 1958. Then the firm operated under the name of Desmone & Szalai Architects, and later became Desmone & Associates in the early 2000s. Currently Luke enjoys being the “mentor, sketcher and goodwill ambassador for the firm!”

Luke knew he wanted to be an architect at the age of 16 when he drove his uncle to the office and job sites. To this day, Luke’s favorite aspect of a project is the “first cut of fresh earth to commence construction after months and years of project design.” In addition to the informal training under his uncle, Luke went on to graduate from Penn State University and has also attended specialized continuing education courses at the University of Pittsburgh, CMU, Tuffs and Harvard University.

Luke’s favorite building is, naturally, the Pennsylvania National Bank Building at Doughboy Square in Lawrenceville. He purchased the building, slated for demolition, 21 years ago and since saving the structure he has watched the neighborhood rise up around it ever since. Luke refers to his beloved Lawrenceville as “the high energy neighborhood in my favorite city.”

As a founder and Principal, Luke rarely takes on his own projects, but rather partners with the Project Managers and Designers to guide them with their projects. He makes it his mission to partner with every Desmone employee on at least one project per year. To date, Luke has worked on every project type imaginable, but he claims that his favorite project is “the next one.” Ever enjoying the business development end of things, Luke says, “I will continue to do everything within my power to have our current clients come back for all their future projects.”