Lori Kreke

Interior Designer

Lori Kreke is one our firm’s lead Interior Designers. She started working for Desmone in the fall of 2008, just after graduating from LaRoche College. Lori has been designing interiors since she was in 5th grade, “that’s when I designed my parent’s living room, it was a pretty major moment in my childhood,” she says. Design has been her passion and focus ever since.

When describing her job, Lori says, “as a designer, it’s my job to understand the function and flow of a space – that’s the easy part. Then I have to take that information and incorporate it to fit the needs of the client – that’s the fun part!” Her favorite part of the design process is the initial walk-through and meeting the client. “It’s like creative overload,” she says, “I can’t stop designing.”

Lori describes her favorite and personal design aesthetic as stemming from Wabi-Sabi, or imperfect and unbalanced, the look is often referred to as organic. Of this look she says, “I find beauty in detailed simplicity.” Lori admits, however, that her ideas are always changing and she will go through many design ideas before selecting the final version.

When not working Lori spends her time volunteering as a mentor La Roche Interior Design students. She also works with PA Connecting Communities, a Lawrenceville-based non-profit organization that helps children with disabilities. Lori has also recently turned to the world of blogging and is starting up a lifestyle blog with a photographer friend. She will be responsible for concepts, set design, and each post’s unique style.