Kaveen Singh


Meet Kaveen Singh. Kaveen originally began her career at Desmone as an intern and since graduation, she has joined our team full-time as a Designer. Kaveen has recently graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a bachelors in Architecture and a minor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Kaveen’s original interest in becoming a designer was sparked by travel because she has lived in New York, Sydney, London, New Delhi, and Maryland. Kaveen loved that these experiences showed her how the culture, people, context of a place could influence the architecture.

Kaveen believes she got into this industry because of her affinity for people. She believes half of her job lies in communication with the client and being able to understand what they want, what they need, and how we can create that solution for them.  Kaveen claims “people often don’t realize that every single place they inhabit, is designed.  The mood, the lighting, the environment and the atmosphere were all design decisions made to influence their experience and wellbeing.”

When Kaveen is not at Desmone, she enjoys dancing, volunteering, bike riding, playing with her (or any!) dog, reading, watching movies, exploring and traveling, and eating Thai food.