Josh Frick


Joshua joined Desmone in March 2016, as the Morgantown, WV office was first opening its doors. Through previous work experience in Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, and Morgantown, on projects of widely varied types and scales, he has gained technical and creative chops in digital design software, model building, project documentation, and construction administration, as well as honed the communication and problem solving skills required to make a project truly shine.

Josh received a Master of Architecture degree from Miami University in Ohio and a BA in Architecture from Fairmont State University in West Virginia, and has college-level teaching experience at both of his alma maters. He finds design inspiration in moments of unexpected or unplanned beauty – a bright wildflower in an otherwise mundane field or a surprising pattern of light coming through a window – and uses them as a reminder to “keep the human aspect in mind when confronted with a design problem (be it aesthetic, financial, emotional, functional, or experiential), no matter the scale or budget.”

Josh’s hobbies include woodworking “mostly small furniture and light fixture projects for myself and friends,” music “mostly guitar, when I remember that practice is at least occasionally required,” and he has recently developed an interest in restoring or modifying classic bicycles “especially clunky, heavy old English bikes.”