Jim Ambrose

Director of Business Development

As a former “founding employee” of a recently acquired technology start-up company and with a BA in Architecture from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York, James “Jim” Ambrose brings an unconventional background to his business development role. His experience meshes with his wide-ranging duties, which include working closely with firm leadership to create strategies for revenue growth, cultivating new business prospects and securing key partnerships. Jim also develops the overall business plan and brand identification with an eye to the Desmone’s unique products and services, supplying analysis and input in locating desirable markets. Additionally, he generates a “playbook” for sales protocol, market opportunity, and product development while providing regular training and coaching for in-house staff.  Jim also keeps current with past clients with an eye to future business and fosters new opportunities based on benchmarks, working with the marketing coordinator to establish priorities.

Jim’s long-term goals include “revolutionizing the way business can and should be done in the architectural, engineering and construction industry.”  This means “not only structuring a sound business plan but empowering all employees to be savvy” and disciplined as to its implementation. In fact, he goes as far as “setting a goal of making my business development job irrelevant by giving all involved in the company all of the tools to be successful.  I am passionate about identifying gaps and challenges in any given situation, and apply practical solutions to solve common problems for all involved,” even if it means “disrupting traditional ways of thinking” to create the necessary answers.

“I love the fact that there are real opportunities to transform neighborhoods and communities through creating structures in a positive way,” he continues.  “Our clients’ buildings become their legacy to the world.  We are executing their vision.” Outside of the office, he primarily concentrates on athletics, including marathons, swimming, and foot/soft/volleyball.  He also enjoys spending time with family and friends and traveling as well as being a “closet geek who will try any new video game or app out there.”