Brad Frankhouser


Principal and Project Manager, Brad Frankhouser, joined the Desmone team in 2008. Brad attended and graduated from Penn State University with a degree in Architectural Engineering Technology. Of his career choice, Brad says, “Unknowingly, I think I always indented on being in the construction field, it started when I was drawing plans and elevations on graph paper as a kid.”

Today, Brad’s favorite part of a project is long after the design process, when he hears positive feedback from clients about how they use and enjoy their new space. Of design, Brad says, “I enjoy solving problems, whether it is a physical space fashioned to solve a functional problem, a report produced to recommend a solution to a problem, or a plan created to project a clients future needs.”

Outside of the office, Brad remains active enjoying time on his boat, skiing, golfing and camping. He is also currently restoring a circa 1850s farmhouse. “It is challenging at times, but it makes you understand difficulties encountered during renovation projects, it has makes me look at some projects in a whole new light.” A Browsville native and current resident, Brad says he likes Pittsburgh because, “It has the feel of a ‘big town’ rather than a city. Having grown up in a place where Pittsburgh is thought of as being the ‘BIG CITY’ after a while you realize everyone knows everyone through some connection.”

Since joining the firm, Brad has worked on a variety of healthcare, industrial and higher education projects including many LEED projects. One of his all-time favorite buildings is The Milwaukee Art Museum by Santiago Calatrava because it is “truly inspired by nature.”