Andre Clarke


A 2015 Carnegie Melon UDREAM Fellow, André Clarke received his Masters Degree in Architecture from Florida A&M University that same year.  Additional honors included Florida A&M’s AIA Henry Adams Certificate of Excellence and, while an undergraduate studying architecture at the Caribbean School of Architecture in Jamaica, he was awarded 2009 Student of the Year. At Desmone, André a recent license Architect, works within a team developing project designs including their construction administration and other related duties. Andre` also assisted in the development and construction phases of South Hills Village apartments, 2 Doughboy Square office building and the Carrick Pavilion in the Historic Dairy District Marketplace, which is a covered outdoor space used for a variety of local events that has helped revitalize the community.

“Architecture can institute change within any society,” he observes.  “As architects we have a solemn duty to design spaces that inspire humanity, enhance our environment and facilitate activities.” To this end he provides guest critiques at the local architectural and interior design universities, enjoys visiting museums and galleries, travels “as much as possible” to experience new cultures and helps teach design to middle school children. His background as a sous-chef and musician during his younger years also continue to influence his love of cooking and attending and participating in musical events.