St. Alexander Orthodox Cathedral

St. Alexander Nevsky
4,500 SF
Allison Park, PA

This existing Eastern Orthodox Church required an expansion of public spaces and an improved circulation layout. The design concept embraced a more traditional approach in design, form and materials that emphasize the processional axis with a view maintained from the exterior portico to the altar. The form of the addition adheres to the symmetry of the existing church with proposed towers flanking the entrance and existing bell tower. Furthermore, rather than extending directly out from the face of the existing building, the addition wraps or engages the body of the existing church, facilitating all of the spatial requirements as well as providing a seamless transition between old and new.

The three-story, 4,500 square foot entry addition included additional seating in the Nave, a large gathering space featuring a skylight and custom iconography, a cry room and a library on the upper level; new ADA accessible entrance, renovated social hall, new kitchen, new classrooms and expanded restrooms at the lower level; and a new office at the loft level. The addition of a new elevator provides accessibility from the lower level entrance to the nave as well as to the choir loft. The project also included design of a new fiberglass bell tower, traditional in style, to accommodate six new Russian bells above the existing church bell.