Mountain State Brewery

Mountain State Brewing
9,000 SF
Morgantown, WV

Desmone Architects Morgantown Office worked with Mountain State Brewing Company and Fairchance Construction Company on their fourth restaurant location in CharlesPointe Bridgeport West Virginia. This location includes an outdoor bar eatery and of course their signature custom built wood fired Pizza Oven. The other previous locations have incorporated a rustic, hand-made aesthetic built into existing or reused buildings, and much of the design ethos was based on weaving that look, into a brand-new building. The overall structure is meant to be reminiscent of agricultural or barn typologies, with red metal cladding, a simple gable roof, and pre-engineered steel structural frame. There is a large, covered dining area in the back, which looks out over the rolling hills surrounding the site. The interior design includes rough-cut wood at the walls and decorative ceiling elements, exposed metal, and oversized sliding wood doors. The open dining area seats 245 people, with a private dining/event area and a large bar which incorporates a sectional glass garage-style door to open it to the outdoor seating area as weather permits. The two domed, wood-fired pizza ovens are exposed to view from the dining area as element of visual interest.