The Historic Dairy District Pavilion

Economic Development South
Pittsburgh, PA

Located in Pittsburgh, PA the neighborhood of Carrick is undergoing a revitalization that plays upon the strength and stability of an existing dairy. Through neighborhood involvement with a stakeholder’s group of civic entities, the design team has pursued interests in maximizing the value of its amenities through the creation of distinct dairy district. The community planning process recognizes the neighborhood history, explores use of sustainable practices, and establishes an aesthetic and visual sense. A market pavilion leads the way in its progression.

The Historic Dairy District Pavilion site is located on the corner of Brownsville Road and Myers Street. These two streets combine the commercial & residential districts making for an excellent community site for the pavilion. The site orientation faces south and is a trapezoid shape while sitting next to a naturally sloped road with low traffic. This data was heavily taken into consideration when choosing a site for community driven activities.

In developing the process, the community was actively engaged in providing insight on what was most important to the neighborhood to bring people together. Sketches and models were used for vetting feedback while workshops brought the design team and stakeholders together on multiple occasions.

The concept of the design is based on the “zipper effect”, which reflects the reflected ceiling plan, and the community metaphorically. This concept gives the neighborhood a sense of unity. The pavilion is now used for a variety of events including community outreach, yoga, craft beer tastings, outdoor learning, ice cream socials, and the local farmers market.