Internship Program

We believe in nurturing our interns to thrive in a collaborative environment. Exercise your acquired skills on real life design applications.

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Here at Desmone, we like to think of our interns as part of our extended family. If you are willing to take on new challenges and creatively contribute to real-life design projects, jump start your personal & professional growth through our Desmone internship program.

Desmone’s internships vary from year to year, but we are always searching for the best and brightest. Check our current openings page for more information.


  • Architecture and interior design geared opportunities
  • As a Desmone intern, you will …..
  • Interns work full-time during the summer months. Occasionally, part-time internships are available during the school year.
  • All internships are paid. Depending on the school’s curriculum, academic credit is also available.
  • Our summer internships are listed online in the spring.

Internship Process


If interested, please email your portfolio and resume. A member of our internship review team will process your information to determine if you are a good fit. You will then be contacted regarding the next stages of our process, feel free to check back for updates.


We understand our candidates lead busy lives, we provide various options for two-way communication during the hiring process. Depending on your location and schedule, we may initiate dialogue via telephone, Skype, or through an in-person interview.

The interview is an opportunity for you to gain professional interaction.  Feel free to ask questions.  After the first round interview we may contact you to schedule a second round interview.


We strive to ensure the right hiring decision is made for both parties. Offers are extended from our hiring manager.  Once you’ve accepted an offer, you will receive additional information about our orientation program.  Even if you are not selected at this time, you may apply again in the future.


Jared, Designer says…

Portfolios are a key component of the interview process.  Here are some tips…”

  • Use your portfolio to help you tell your story and show your work.
  • Select best projects and best images – simple is better.
  • Identify each project and your role on it.
  • Keep text brief – images and drawings tend to be more effective than words.


Kelsey, Designer says…

Interning and being a part of a design firm during my senior year of college was one of the most valuable parts of my education. Being an intern at Desmone helped me to…”

  • Understand what it means to be a designer and how to work with a team of professionals.
  • I recognized there were gaps in my knowledge and was able to focus on those classes my last year of school.
  • Interning was also a great way for me to transition my skills from student to professional!


Shelby, Designer says…

Perks help with your decision process.  At Desmone Architects, we offer…”

  • Employee development & continuous improvement
  • A vast range of project types
  • Study materials for NCIDQ, LEED, and AREs
  • IDP supervisors for architectural track
  • A fun culture that promotes various activities
  • Access to Lawrenceville, the coolest neighborhood in Pittsburgh!


Katelyn, Designer says…

Experiences during your internship set you up for your next step in life. With Desmone you will gain…”

  • Furthered confidence with industry software
  • Professional connections in Pittsburgh and beyond
  • Expanded workplace interpersonal communication skills
  • Encouragement to pursue your skills and interests
  • A foot in the door for future employment

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